Immanuel Ness – Southern Insurgency: The Coming of the Global Working Class

Earlier this month at the Historical Materialism conference in London, we caught up with Manny Ness,  Professor of Political Science at CUNY, New York, co-editor of our new Wildcat book series, and author of Southern Insurgency: The Coming of the Global Working Class.

In this video Manny talks about his new book, and the exciting developments in workers’ movements around the world – specifically focusing on China, India and South Africa.


Immanuel Ness is Professor of Political Science at City University of New York. He is author of Guest Workers and U.S. Corporate Despotism and Immigrants, Unions, and the New U.S. Labour Market and numerous other works. He is editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Revolution and Working USA: The Journal of Labour and Society.


Southern Insurgency is available to buy from Pluto Press here.

Andy Merrifield: Europe’s New Urban Question

On September 9, 2015 at the University of Kentucky, esteemed writer, social theorist, and urban geographer Andy Merrifield, professor at the University of Cambridge and author of The New Urban Question, presented the kickoff lecture for A Year of Europe.


Andy Merrifield is a Fellow of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge and the author of numerous books including Magical Marxism (Pluto, 2011) and The Wisdom of Donkeys (Short Books,2009).


The New Urban Question is available to buy from Pluto Press here.

Video: Mel Evans presents Artwash

Check out our latest short video of Mel Evans talking about her forthcoming book, Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts.

The book explores the unsavoury relationship between Big Oil and many of the nation’s most venerated cultural institutions; how corporate sponsorship of the arts, Evans AW(or ‘artwash’) serves to erase unsightly environmental destruction and obscures the strategies of oil company PR executives who rely on cultural philanthropy.

The story Mel tells in the video is just one among hundreds of examples of individuals and campaign groups taking action on the issue, and already hope is on the horizon: major institutions (such as the Southbank Centre) have already agreed to cut sponsorship, and tribunals are happening which are taking these relationships to task. Artists and employees are developing new methods of work which publicly confront the oil companies. Like the anti-tobacco campaign before it, this will be an important cultural and political turn for years to come.

The full version of the video can be found on Pluto’s Youtube channel.


Mel Evans is an artist and campaigner associated with Liberate Tate and Platform. As well as making unsanctioned performance works at Tate and writing on oil sponsorship of the arts, she creates theatre pieces in the City of London that examine culture, finance and Big Oil.


Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts is available to buy from Pluto Press here.

Video: David Rosenberg presents Rebel Footprints

Check out the book trailer for David Rosenberg’sRebel Footprints: A Guide to Uncovering London’s Radical History, the radical response to conservative heritage tours and banal day-tripper guides.

‘You haven’t walked the streets of London unless you’ve understood the secret history of revolt, rebellion and poverty hidden all around you in its bricks and alleyways. Rosenberg takes you there as no other writer has done.’ Paul Mason

Read the Guardian review here.

You can buy the book directly from us, and we’ll throw in extra goodies to say thanks! Go to

The full version of the video can be found on Pluto’s Youtube channel.

Video: David Whyte presents How Corrupt is Britain?

In this book trailer David Whyte, editor of How Corrupt is Britain?, explores the nature of corruption in Britain, and how it affects a number of our most venerated institutions. David discusses the public sector, big business and the police, as well as giving an overview of the endless litany of political scandals and incidences of high profile corruption that the book covers.

Read the Guardian article by George Monbiot here.

More videos are avilable to watch on the Pluto Press YouTube channel.


David Whyte is Reader in Sociology at the University of Liverpool.  He is an internationally established author on the subjects of state power and corporate power, having written books such as Crimes of the Powerful: A Reader (Open University Press, 2009) and has co-authored three books and co-edited four collections on this subject.


How Corrupt is Britain? is available to buy from Pluto Press here.

Video: Syriza’s Euclid Tsakalotos on the Crucible of Resistance

One from the archive – the 2013 launch of Crucible of Resistance: Greece, the Eurozone and the World Economic Crisis. The video features co-author Euclid Tsakalotos as well as panelists Hilary Wainwright, John Palmer and Prof. Costas Douzinas.

As Greece gears up for its general election on 25th January, Syriza looks set to win (even if not with an outright majority). Authored by two of the party’s leading members, Euclid Tsakalotos and Christos Laskos, Crucible of Resistance situates the ‘Greek Crisis’ within a broader regional context and a critique of the world economic system.

Arguing that Greece’s exceptionalism is largely a myth, the book shows how the causes of the 2008 global financial crisis lie in key features of the neoliberal economic order, including income and wealth inequalities and the hollowing out of democratic and deliberative institutions. A progressive exit from the crisis, for Greece and the eurozone as a whole, entails meeting head on the limitations of the neoliberal order.

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