Radical reads for International Women’s Day

On this day in 1908 15,000 women needletrades workers in the USA marched for the vote and better pay. In 1911 the first International Women’s Day was celebrated, having been proposed by the German revolutionary socialist Clara Zetkin to ‘set aside a particular day each year to remember women and their struggles.’

Here are our top recommendations of Pluto Press books related to women’s liberation. The struggle continues!

Penny Red: Notes from the New Age of Dissent, Laurie Penny

Penny Red

Notes from the New Age of Dissent

Laurie Penny. Foreword by Warren Ellis

Selected writings from a prominent voice of the new activist left. Reflections on being young, broke and angry in the twenty-first century.

“Cuts, sexism and riots, Laurie Penny’s fresh and angry voice captures the moment and the important issues – highly recommended.” – Polly Toynbee

“Penny is re-inventing the language of dissent, delivering verbal taser-barbs to the left and right, and causing apoplexy among the old men in cardigans who run the British blogosphere.” – Paul Mason, economics editor of BBC’s Newsnight

£12.99 only £11.50 on the Pluto site

Feminism Seduced, How Global Elites Use Women’s Labor and Ideas to Exploit the World, Hester Eisenstein

Feminism Seduced

How Global Elites Use Women’s Labor and Ideas to Exploit the World

Hester Eisenstein

A reinterpretation of mainstream feminism, showing how elites in developed countries utilise women’s labour and ideas to maintain their power.

“One of the leading intellectuals of contemporary feminism builds a troubling analysis of where mainstream American feminism has gone—celebrating gains for middle-class women, but also converging with ruthless corporate interests that exploit or marginalize most of the world’s women. … Her remedy, need to be heard by everyone concerned with women’s interests and with social justice.” – Raewyn Connell, author of Southern Theory

“In this impressive book, Hester Eisenstein provides a provocative update of the classic argument of the relationship between Marxism and feminism. … What sets her analysis apart is her unflinching critique of hegemonic feminism’s complicity in abandoning issues of class and race even as it pays lip service to them. “ – Manisha Desai, Director Women’s Studies Program, University of Connecticut

£18.99 only £17.00 on the Pluto site

Comrade or Brother? A History of the British Labour Movement, Mary Davis

Comrade or Brother? – Second Edition

A History of the British Labour Movement

Mary Davis

A revised, updated and expanded edition of this classic feminist account of British labour history.

“The book stands comparison with A.L.Morton’s ‘People’s History’ and G.D.H. Cole’s ‘Common People’. But it is more than just this. It is in a real sense a history for our own times” – John Foster, Emeritus Professor, University of the West of Scotland

“This book is ideal for its purpose. I only wish it had been available in the decades when I was teaching trade union courses.” – Jim Fryth, Labour History Review

£15.99 only £14.00 on the Pluto site

Women’s Rights: Small Guides to Big Issues, Geraldine Terry

Women’s Rights

Small Guides to Big Issues

Geraldine Terry

A guide to womens’ rights the world over — part of our new Small Guides to Big Issues series published in asssocation with Oxfam

“This small guide to women’s rights is a hard-hitting exposé of one of the most important issues facing the world today.” – Polly Toynbee for the Guardian

£9.99 only £8.50 on the Pluto site

Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice: Women Write Political EcologyAriel Salleh (ed)

Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice

Women Write Political Ecology

Edited by Ariel Salleh

Explores solutions that can prevent environmental meltdown whilst also empowering the oppressed populations of the world.

“In these times of multiple crises and breakdowns, no one dimensional reductionist framework will show a way out. The Eco-Sufficiency anthology based on the diversity and pluralism of perspectives inspired by ecofeminism is a must read for anyone searching for alternatives” – Vandana Shiva, Director of the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology, New Delhi; author, activist, and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize

“These essays on grassroots struggles over labour, MDGs, or Kyoto, reveal the workings of a sustaining ‘meta-industrial’ economy. To help political ecologists and ecological economists take this into their analyses … We will revamp institutions and theories founded on dominance and competition. By far and away the best collection of ecological feminist writing I have found.” – Professor Richard Norgaard, Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site