Brett Scott radio interview | ‘The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance’

BrettScottBrett Scott, the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money (Pluto, 2013) has been busy recently promoting his new book (and the ideas within…)

He is interviewed on the New Zealand radio broadcaster Radio 1, and the audio is online, here.

For a full round-up of his latest articles and press, check out the suitpossum website run by Brett. Later this autumn Brett will also appear at the annual People & Planet Shared Planet event, this year hosted in London, UK, and at an Action Aid conference in November. Keep an eye on his website and the Pluto events calendar for more details.

As ever, you can buy the book at a 10% discount from the Pluto website, and UK residents get free P&P as well. It’s available for just £11.50 in paperback and on ebook.

Brett Scott seeking #futureofmoney interns for help with gonzo finance

Pluto author Brett Scott, (The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance, 2013) is looking for interns to help promote his new book. This is no ordinary internship opportunity, however, as Brett intends to pay for the services rendered in the form of a variety of alternative currencies. As he writes on his suitpossum blog, ‘Up for grabs: Alternative currency for alternative work’.

Bitcoin, Brixton Pounds and Barter are the three B’s Brett is offering in exchange for helping him with publicity for his new book. We could go wild with alliteration at this point, but instead we’ll just re-post his call-out below…

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Brett Scott
I’ve got some alternative currency, and I’m willing to give it to interns who can do part-time work for me to help me with publicity for my new book on global finance. I’m going to be resuming work on the London School of Financial Activism soon too, so there are possibilities to get involved there as well.
Up for grabs: Alternative currency for alternative work

I’d like open-minded people who are keen to learn more about alternative finance. I’ll be straight up with you though: Some of it is total drudge work, like trawling through a list of 100 institutions and finding email addresses for them. I have a series of discreet tasks you can volunteer for in exchange for a bounty in certain esoteric currencies I’ve got from selling my book. Choices include:

  1. Bitcoin: Not only is this an interesting experience to use in itself, but you get to tell people at parties that you’re paid in cryptocurrency
  2. Brixton Pounds: I’d like to get at least one South London dweller to do a couple hours for Brixton Pounds
  3. Barter: This option is available for people who’d like a copy of my book in exchange for an hour or two of work
How to apply
My email is brett.scott[at], so ping me message if you’re interested. I’m favourable towards slightly outsider, underdog, anarchic types. I’m not so interested in how clever you are, or what extra-curricular activities you did at school. Send me a brief description of yourself, and a (non-finance) Youtube video you particularly like (could be anything), or write a haiku about money. I can then send a list of things I’m looking to get done, and we can start a conversation.
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Scott cover

This is an imaginative, even exuberant exploration of the daunting world of finance – it will unleash a generation of activists, and do a world of good.

Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy

“This book provides a unique inside-out look at our financial system, based on the author’s unusual personal adventure. It is not only a user-friendly guide to the complex maze of modern finance but also a manual for utilising and subverting it for social purposes in innovative ways. Smart and street-smart.”

Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge, author of 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism