Pluto May Day Sale! Everything 50% off

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To celebrate International Workers’ Day, we’re making all our books 50% off, until 9th May. All you have to do to activate the discount on our website is go to

Every single in-print Pluto book is included in the sale, but if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, why not consider some of these worker-orientated titles:

1. Rebel Footprints – David Rosenberg’s ever popular guide to uncovering London’s radical history follows the stories of socialists, Suffragettes, Chartists and trade unionists; taking the reader from the anti-fascist struggles of the East End, to the intellectual hub of radical Bloomsbury and Clerkenwell.

2. Southern Insurgency – The first book in Pluto’s Wildcat Series, Manny Ness explores the new forms of worker organisations emerging in India, South Africa and China. Considering the broad historical forces at play in each country, including the effects of imperialism and the decline of the traditional trade union movement, Southern Insurgency offers a fresh perspective on the nature of the new industrial worker in the Global South.

3. Hesitant Comrades – Published just before the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, Geoffrey Bell’s new book is an original and vivid appraisal of the relationship between the Irish national revolution and the British labour movement between 1916-21. Bringing to bear a wealth of original archival research,  Bell paints a picture of ambivalence and hostility on the part of the British working class to the question of Irish independence. Prominent figures are appraised alongside the full range of acronymed unions and parties; from Ramsay MacDonald and Sylvia Pankhurst, to Lloyd George and Lenin.

4. The Mythology of Work – Peter Fleming’s treatise on the joylessness of working under neoliberalism pulls apart and analyses the impact of a society that has been transformed into a factory that never sleeps; with work a universal reference point for everything else, devoid of any moral or political worth. Blending critical theory with recent accounts of job related suicides, office-induced paranoia, fear of relaxation, managerial sadism and cynical corporate social responsibility campaigns, Fleming offers a morbidly compelling vision of what it means to be a worker in the 21st Century.

5. Economics for Everyone (2nd Edition) – Life-long trade unionist Jim Stanford’s guide to the economics of capitalism is back in a lovely new edition. Described glowingly by Naomi Klein as ‘a book with the power to change the world’, Economics for Everyone offers an antidote to the usually abstract field of economics, in which key concepts such as finance, competition and wages are explored, and their importance to everyday life is kept in the foreground.


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