Video: ‘The Rent Trap’


This month Pluto published a devastating new book on private renting in the UK, called The Rent Trap: How we Fell into It and How we Get Out of It. In this short video, the authors, Rosie Walker and Samir Jeraj,  look at the history of private renting and how UK renters’ rights compare to the rest of Europe.

To see some of the statistics cited in the video, plus many more, check out our lovely-yet-depressing Rent Trap infographic.

Rosie Walker is a writer and researcher interested in housing, poverty, employment rights and debt. She has worked as a researcher for LSE, University of Bristol and University of Brighton, and as a journalist for the Independent and Third Sector. While writing an MSc dissertation on private renting, she was evicted by her landlord for asking for a new chest of drawers.
Samir Jeraj is a journalist who specialises in housing and worked as a city councillor. His work on housing has appeared in the Guardian, the Independent, Inside Housing and the New Internationalist.


The Rent Trap is available to buy from Pluto Press here.

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