Video: David Whyte presents How Corrupt is Britain?

In this book trailer David Whyte, editor of How Corrupt is Britain?, explores the nature of corruption in Britain, and how it affects a number of our most venerated institutions. David discusses the public sector, big business and the police, as well as giving an overview of the endless litany of political scandals and incidences of high profile corruption that the book covers.

Read the Guardian article by George Monbiot here.

More videos are avilable to watch on the Pluto Press YouTube channel.


David Whyte is Reader in Sociology at the University of Liverpool.  He is an internationally established author on the subjects of state power and corporate power, having written books such as Crimes of the Powerful: A Reader (Open University Press, 2009) and has co-authored three books and co-edited four collections on this subject.


How Corrupt is Britain? is available to buy from Pluto Press here.

3 thoughts on “Video: David Whyte presents How Corrupt is Britain?

  1. There is little doubt in my mind it has been made almost impossible to compete in the UK without being corrupt. Beginning with lies on CVs, through short-changing customers in shops, to false expense claims and backhanders at Westminster, corruption is rife from top to bottom. Little wonder the ones who do succeed are most likely to be the most corrupt. After all, It becomes so ‘normal’ when ‘everybody’ is at it.

    But why doesn’t this corrupt minority consider going straight once they have made enough money to stop cheating and compete fairly? Because it’s all made so easy in our ‘nod’s as good as a wink’ world of bribery, fraud, skimming, scamming, extortion and theft. The perps have no motive, as corruption has become embedded into most business plans. Besides, the risks of getting caught, are so small as to be negligible. And the bigger the business the less the likelihood of being prosecuted. Besides, why stop, when all your competitors are bound not to? Anyway, by that time it’s too late; corruption has become institutionalised in their brains, let alone society at large. The mantra “It’s the system” is chanted all along the way till the corrupt are mesmerised into believing things were always thus and must be so evermore. Amen.

    It’s the system, all right; a system that ensures a safe passage right to the top for criminal psychopaths and sociopaths.

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