March 2014: New Books from Pluto Press: Against Austerity | Yes | The New Urban Question | The Violence of Development

We’re giddy with excitement about this month’s books. For all you print-book fanatics, our new typesetting, non-laminated covers and creamy paper are getting their first public outing; and e-reader owners fear not – the digital versions all went on sale today!

Without any further ado then, here’s the March line-up… Click on the cover images for more. All books ordered through the Pluto website come with 10% off and free UK P&P.

Seymour T02680Order 'Yes' from Pluto Press at a special discountThe The New Urban QuestionMowforth T02743


Richard Seymour, Against Austerity: How We Can Fix the Crisis They Made

A blistering, accessible and invigorating polemic against the current political consensus.

James Foley and Pete Ramand, Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence

An urgent and compelling argument for a ‘Yes’ vote on Scottish Independence, from a radical left perspective.

Andy Merrifield, The New Urban Question

A lucid and vibrant contribution to the field of urban studies, tracing the connections between radical urban theory and political activism.

Martin Mowforth, The Violence of Development: Resource Depletion, Environmental Crises and Human Rights Abuses in Central America

A compelling analysis revealing the endemic violence and systematic impoverishment at the heart of ‘development’.

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