Author events in London | Thomas R. Dye, ‘Who’s Running America? The Obama Reign’

9781612055558Thomas Dye, author of the hugely successful Who’s Running America? (Paradigm, 2014), now in it’s eighth incarnation as The Obama Reign, is speaking at two events in London this week.

The first, at City University, is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday 26th) at 6.30pm.

As City bills it: ‘Thomas R. Dye, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Florida State University and formerly McKenzie Professor of Government, will give a lecture based on his book of the same name, looking at Obama’s early years in office to the effects of his presidency on the board rooms of the nation’s largest corporations and banks and the owners of the nation’s leading media outlets.’

Attendance is free, but you need to book a place. For more information about the event, go to the City University website here.

Thomas will also be participating in a second event, also organised by City University, this Friday (28th Feb), alongside Pluto author Kees van der Pijl (the ‘Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy’ trilogy). The event, titled ‘Elites and American Power’ is organised by the Obama Research Network research group on American Power.

Vanderpijl T01286The provisional schedule has Kees speaking on a panel on Elite and Structural Power at 1pm, with Thomas speaking at 3.30pm on a panel on Elitism, US Foreign Policy and the World.

The organisers explain the purpose of the workshop, as well as providing a full schedule for the day, in this PDF.

The new edition of Thomas R. Dye’s Who’s Running America? will go on sale in the UK in April 2014. The third and final instalment of Kees van der Pijl’s series, The Discipline of Western Supremacy was published last month. It is available to purchase with 10% off on the Pluto website, here.

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