Paula Bartley discusses Ellen Wilkinson at the inaugural Mary Quaile Club meeting in Salford

Bartley T02567The Mary Quaile Club held a well-attended inaugural meeting on Saturday 15 February 2014 at Cornerstones Cafe, Langworthy, Salford.  An attentive audience heard Paula  Bartley discuss aspects of the life of Ellen Wilkinson,  including her involvement in the the suffragist  campaign, anti-fascism, the Jarrow Crusade and the 1945 Labour government.

She was followed  by Hugh Caffrey who gave a summary of  the campaign to save the NHS from privatisation and explained how  people can get involved. The audience then discussed the issues raised for some time with many people joining in. It was generally agreed that it had been a sucessful and enjoyable event. The meeting was filmed by Quays News. It was tweeted in real time by Chloe on the MQC Twitter account @maryquaileclub.

The MQC is now planning events for April on the media and the 1984-85 miners strike and for May on trade unionism, past and present. More details will be made available soon on the MQC website, here.

To find out more about Paula’s fantastic new book, Ellen Wilkinson: From Red Suffragist to Government Minister (Pluto, 2014), go to the Pluto Press website. It is available to buy for just £11.50 (that’s 10% off, with free UK P&P.)

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