Book review: Salvador Allende: Revolutionary Democrat

Alan Angell, Emeritus Fellow in Latin American Politics at Oxford University, has reviewed Victor Figueroa Clark’s excellent Revolutionary Lives biography of Salvador Allende on It’s short and sweet so we’ve reproduced it below!

Check out our own video interview with Victor, or click on the book cover for more information.

Alan Angell

Salvador Allende was a complex man and lived in complicated times. Most will be acquainted with the way he met his death. But for those who wish to know much more about his life, his ideas, and his politics this short book by Victor Figueroa Clark is an admirable introduction. It is clearly written, brings out the main features of the man and his life in vivid detail, and its political judgements are balanced and thoughtful. Allende emerges as an admirable man facing in the end an impossible situation. This book stresses the continuity of Allende’s ideas – a revolutionary but also a democrat. He deserved better of those in his party and on the far left who made his task so much harder by their political intransigence. As this book strongly asserts, his ideas remain relevant today.

Fig Clark Cover

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