‘The Corporation That Changed the World’ by Nick Robins now 20% off!


It’s our special offer This WeekNick Robins’ fantastic book about the legacy of the East India Company, The Corporation That Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational (2nd Edition) is available to buy from the Pluto website for just £14.40 (or 20% off the £17.99 RRP).

Not only is it a great bargain, but a truly great book too. As Nick explores in 280 pages, the East India Company was the mother of the modern multinational. The inaugural ‘too big to fail’ corporation, its trading empire and monopoly encircled the globe for hundreds of years, but it always courted intrigue and nurtured a dubious reputation. It helped to create stock market bubbles (and resounding financial crashes), created the conditions for famine, and ultimately petered out – its trading strength atrophied, its military excesses unconscionable, and its corruption and nepotism no longer tolerable to an embarrassed British Crown.

Click on the banner image now to activate the discount on our website.

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