The revolution will be digitised | Pluto backlist titles on eBook in 2014

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New eBooks

It’s all change here at Pluto in 2014. Last year we digitised over thirty books that were previously only available in print, or no longer in print at all. But these books are just the tip of the iceberg; the calm before the storm: 2014 will see even more of our most important books, whether classics from the vault, or recent best-sellers, getting the eBook treatment. You can find out everything you need to about future developments on our website at

Special offers (up to 66% off)

In order to celebrate the release of Pluto’s backlist on eBook we’re offering special introductory prices, so for a limited time only, almost all of them are on sale for just £10 – some are a little more expensive at £12; some even cheaper at £5…

Click on the image below to view the catalogue of backlist titles on eBook. The special prices will last until 31st March, so get in there quick. Authors include Thomas Hylland Eriksen, John Holloway, Uri Gordon, Penny Green & Tony Ward, Robin Hahnel, Marianne Maeckelbergh, Media Lens, Andy Merrifield, Israel Shahak, Michael Woodin & Caroline Lucas.

Front Cover lores

Can’t find what you’re looking for? If there are any of our books that you’d like to see turned into an ebook then please let us know – you can email us at marketing@plutobooks.comPrefer print? Don’t worry, Pluto is committed to traditional ink and paper publishing too…

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