Jeff Halper at Bethlehem Unwrapped

The Bethlehem Unwrapped festival will be taking place in London from Dec. 23rd 2013 – Jan. 5th 2014. The festival will feature film, food, slam poetry and discussion, in a celebration of the cultural resistance that occurs behind the Israeli separation wall.

As part of the festival Pluto author of An Israel in Palestine, Jeff Halper will be partaking in a panel discussion entitled, ‘Both Sides of the Barrier: Separation or Security?’. For more information about the festival and its program, see here. Jeff’s event will take place at 8pm, January 4th, at Saint James’s Piccadilly, London. You can purchase tickets here. All net proceeds will be donated to Amos Trust’s ‘Future Peacemakers’ Appeal.

An Israeli in Palestine

Halper T02211

Israeli anthropologist and activist Jeff Halper throws a harsh light on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the point of view of a critical insider. While the Zionist founders of Israel created a vibrant society, culture and economy, they did so at a high price: Israel could not maintain its exclusive Jewish character without imposing on the country’s Palestinian population policies of ethnic cleansing, occupation and discrimination, expressed most graphically in its ongoing demolition of thousands of Palestinian homes, both inside Israel and in the Occupied Territories.

An Israeli in Palestine records Halper’s journey ‘beyond the membrane’ that shields his people from the harsh realities of Palestinian life to his ‘discovery’ that he was actually living in another country: Palestine. Without dismissing the legitimacy of his own country, he realises that Israel is defined by its oppressive relationship to the Palestinians.

This second edition is includes an epilogue gauging the chances for peace after the failed Annapolis process.

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