Review: Bleakonomics

Colin Burgess recently reviewed Pluto title, Bleakonomics by Rob Larson (Pluto, 2013) for Left Futures. In praise of the book, Burgess describes Larson as ‘excellent on the violent history of industrial relations in the USA, and on the use by “oligopolistic” firms to avoid violence today by globalising jobs to countries with poorer workers and stricter discipline’.

It’s a good book to hold in your hand – and this comes from the quality of print and design as well as the content. Don’t be put off by the economics terms, Larson is an excellent guide in the use of economics to explain the mysteries of our contemporary life.

To read the full review, visit the Left Futures site here. For more information or to purchase a copy of Bleakonomicssimply click on the cover image below.


About the Book

Bleakonomics is a short and darkly humorous guide to the three great crises plaguing today’s world: environmental degradation, social conflict in the age of austerity and financial instability.

Written for anyone who is wondering how we’ve come to this point, Rob Larson holds  mainstream economic theory up against the grim reality of a planet in meltdown. He looks at scientists’ conclusions about climate change, the business world’s opinions about its own  power, and reveals the fingerprints of finance on American elections.

With a unique and engaging approach to each crucial subject, students, academics and activists will find a lot to appreciate in this quiet call-to-arms for a saner and more stable world.

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