December 2013: New Books from Pluto Press: The Conundrum of Russian Capitalism | Turkey Reframed | Food for Change | The Palestinian Refugee Problem

Christmas is banging on the door. Presents need buying, even for those tricky ‘political’ friends of yours… Well, as usual, Pluto has it all in hand. Our December titles should have something for everyone. Read on!

Dzarasov T02613Akça T02735Brynen T02686Pratt T02796

Ruslan Dzarasov, The Conundrum of Russian Capitalism

Reveals the nature of Russian capitalism following the fall of the Soviet Union, showing the impact of both Soviet bureaucracy and global capital.

İsmet Akça, Ahmet Bekmen and Barış Alp Özden, Turkey Reframed

A cutting-edge guide for students, scholars and other interested readers who want to understand Turkey’s recent history.

Rex Brynen and Roula El-Rifai, The Palestinian Refugee Problem

Provides an overview of the key dimensions of the Palestinian refugee problem.

Jeff Pratt and Pete Luetchford, Food for Change

Documents the way alternative food movements respond to concerns around the global food system, by trying to create more closed economic circuits within which people know where, how, and by whom their food is produced.

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