Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide | Sabby Sagall at Bookmarks Bookshop, London

Sabby Sagall, author of Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide (Pluto, 2013), will be appearing at Bookmarks Bookshop in London on 9th December, to talk about his book.

The event starts at 6.30pm, and books will be available to purchase during the event. Admission costs £2, but that is refundable against any purchase in the shop.

To RSVP, call Bookmarks on 020 7637 1848.

SAGALL T01717About the Book

This is a ground-breaking and genuinely unique analysis of modern genocide. Sabby Sagall draws on the insights of the Frankfurt school and Wilhelm Reich to create an innovative combination of Marxism and psychoanalysis. He argues that genocide is a product of an ‘irrational’ destructiveness by social classes or communities that have suffered major historical defeats or similar forms of extreme stress.

Sagall shows how the denial of human needs and the ensuing feelings of isolation and powerlessness propel groups to project their impotent rage, hatred and destructiveness engendered by these defeats on to the ‘outsider’ and the ‘other’.

The book applies this theoretical framework to four modern genocides – that of the Native Americans, the Armenians, the Jews and the Rwandan Tutsis.

About the venue

Bookmarks Bookshop
1, Bloomsbury Street,

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