The Radical Independence Campaign for Scotland

The New Statesman has run an article this week by Niki Seth-Smith on Scotland’s Radical Independence Campaign. Seth-Smith writes that the campaign has the potential to win over the ‘missing million’ – those alienated from politics, who have the power to sway the referendum result one way or the other. Check it out here.

ramandNext year, Pluto is proud to be publishing a new book, Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence, by James Foley and Pete Ramand.

As Robin McAlpine, editor of Scottish Left, writes of the book:

The constitutional debate in Scotland has brought to the fore a new generation of young Scottish activists, writers and thinkers, the authors of this book among them. It is greatly encouraging for our future to hear these fresh voices and the quality and depth of the analysis they bring.

Yes is an accessible polemic written for progressives both north and south of the border. It argues that independence can reinvigorate campaigns against austerity across Britain and deal a blow to the imperialist ambitions of the British state.

An urgent and invigorating political intervention, Yes argues that even if the referendum result is ‘no’, a progressive independence campaign will alter the political landscape. Written by leading activists from the Radical Independence Campaign, Foley and Ramand’s book will be a unique contribution to the referendum debate.

Read the New Statesman article to find out more about the campaign, and the current mood of Scottish politics in the week that SNP leader Alex Salmond has launched his White Paper on Independence.

To find out more about the book, or to pre-order it today for only £10.50, including free UK P&P, then click here.



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