David Cronin’s book, ‘Corporate Europe’ reviewed in the Irish Examiner

CRONIN T02682Ann Cahill, European Correspondent for the Irish Examiner, reviewed David Cronin’s new book, Corporate Europe: How Big Business Sets Policies on Food, Climate and War (Pluto, 2013) this week.

In the article she examines the themes and arguments of the book. Cahill’s introduction states that “THINK industry” is the predominant message in Brussels as every sector of EU legislation is being overhauled to eliminate any elements that could be seen as detrimental to commerce.

But many think the move is going too far with EU institutions and government captured by big business, targeting safeguards for workers and consumers and essentially undermining countries social systems.

A new book, Corporate Europe, by Irish journalist David Cronin, investigates the role of business in Brussels especially in the financial crisis, banking regulation, tobacco, food, energy, and climate change.

“Corporations have captured almost every aspect of the decision-making process — from the moment any legislation is mooted these guys have their fingerprints on the process,” according to Cronin.

You can read the article in full, by going to the Irish Examiner website, here.



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