Antonio Banderas supports Chávez on CNN

Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas was interviewed recently for CNN, and shocked his interviewer and audience by declaring his support for the late Hugo Chávez and his legacy in Venezuela.

Asked about the economic crisis, Banderas criticised Obama for pandering to“the markets, the lobbies, the big corporations”. When pressed to suggest a way forward, Banderas pointed to the example of Chávez and his program of nationalisation:

You can break this cycle as Chávez broke it in his moment…you say that this is finished and now I am going to get hold of all these corporations and nationalise them! Of course! But is there another way out of this? And in a time when we have to ask ourselves that, we are perhaps living in a post-democratic era.

Gonzalez T02812To read more and (for those with Spanish) to watch the interview, go to:

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