Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark: Corporate and Police Spying on Activists | Review in Peace News

Lubbers T02496Eveline Lubbers’ book Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark: Corporate and Police Spying on Activists (Pluto, 2012), has been reviewed this month by Ewa Jasiewicz in Peace News.

Ewa writes: ‘If you’ve been an activist in the UK for any length of time then it’s likely – whether you know it or not — that you’ve rubbed shoulders with one or more spies. In 15 years of activism, I can think of three definite cases of infiltration of the groups that I’ve been involved with.’

Eveline Lubbers’ latest book provides a tour of the complex and international web of state and private co-operation behind such operations – operations aimed at delegitimising activists struggling for social and economic justice all over the world.

As well as RTS, the infiltration of groups such as the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), London Greenpeace, and international anti-apartheid and environmental coalitions involving churches, academics and freedom fighters, are all examined, with Lubbers joining the dots to reveal a pattern of collusion between state and corporate spies.

She goes on to praise Lubbers’ work, saying that ‘Secret Manoeuvres is an important and timely book, and one from which activists can learn much to inform their own security and counter-strategy against state and corporate saboteurs.’

To read the entire review go to Peace News. You can buy the book for £17.50 including free UK P&P, from our website. Click here, or on the cover image.



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