Post-Crash Economics | Students tear up free market syllabus at Manchester University

Post-Crash Economics Society


Kliman T02570In a retaliation against the hegemony of neo-classical economics in academia, a group of Economics undergraduates at Manchester University have formed a ‘Post-Crash Economics Society‘. The group aims to tear up the free market thinking which, they argue, unduly dominates the vast majority of economics courses in the UK today.

In the reading list the society proposes is Pluto author Andrew Kliman, and his book The Failure of Capitalist Production: Underlying Causes of the Great Recession (Pluto, 2011).  You can see the full list here, and find out more about the Society and its aims on their website, here.

As the Guardian reports, ‘Joe Earle, a spokesman for the Post-Crash Economics Society and a final-year undergraduate, said academic departments were “ignoring the crisis” and that, by neglecting global developments and critics of the free market such as Keynes and Marx, the study of economics was “in danger of losing its broader relevance”.’

In June a network of young economics students, thinkers and writers set up Rethinking Economics, a campaign group to challenge what they say is the predominant narrative in the subject.

Earle said students across Britain were being taught neoclassical economics “as if it was the only theory”.

He said: “It is given such a dominant position in our modules that many students aren’t even aware that there are other distinct theories out there that question the assumptions, methodologies and conclusions of the economics we are taught.”

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Here at Pluto we (naturally) find these students’ efforts to rehabilitate heterodox economics into the mainstream laudable. As such we are offering Andrew Kliman’s book for a whopping 30% discount, including free UK P&P! Click the following link, ( ) or on the cover image to activate the discount on our website.

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