Robin Hahnel on Escape Velocity Radio

Robin Hahnel, author of The ABC’s of Political Economy: A Modern Approach (Pluto, 2002), appeared on Escape Velocity Radio last week, to discuss Participatory Economics.

From the EVR blurb:

On this month’s terrifying episode, which may or may not have been recorded in an actual haunted house, we spend the hour with activist and economist Robin Hahnel discussing his book Of the People, By the People: The Case for a Participatory Economy. Robin tells us about the bone-chilling failings of free market capitalism, the spine-tingling reasons why he feels viable alternative economic models need to be part of activist discourse, and the blood-curdling details of how his proposed alternative to capitalism — called Participatory Economics — works in practice. Join us for this mortifying discussion about how humans organize their economic affairs — if you dare!

We’ve embedded the audio below, but you can check out EVR’s own website, here, for some more awesome content.

Hahnel Book

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