Pluto authors at the Art is a Weapon Festival, October 1-26 2013

Pluto authors Tunde Zack-Williams and Lindsay German are participating in the Paul Robeson Art is a Weapon Festival in London this October. Tunde is the author of When the State Fails: Studies on Intervention in the Sierra Leone Civil War (Pluto, 2011). Lindsay is the author of How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women (Pluto, 2013). Both are available to buy on our website. Just click the cover images below for more details.

Tunde will be speaking on Sunday 13th October, at 3.10pm. The subject of the talk is ‘Negro Toilers: African Liberation Struggles as observed by George Padmore.

Lindsay is scheduled to speak at 6.10pm on Thursday 24th October, on the subject of ‘London: Migrant City’.

About the festival

The multi-award-winning play Call Mr. Robeson comes to London’s West End for a four- week run at the Tristan Bates Theatre from October 1 to 26, and a series of speakers and other performers will occupy the space during this period to make up a festival of entertainment, education, protest and ideas. Speakers will talk on theatre, arts, Black history, the global arms trade and much more. There will be an interview with Tony Benn. Performers will come from as far away as Canada, South Africa and Nigeria to offer great music, theatre, performance poetry and comedy. Some are quite well known (such as Jackie Kay and Bob Crow), many are not. And even though October is Black History Month in the UK, the festival is not exclusively Black: white working class, Jewish and other stories feature too. The common thread is that by sharing knowledge, ideas and art, we arm ourselves and others with weapons with which to fight for a better world.

Zack-Williams T02524German T02576

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