Richard Seymour reviews Laurie Penny’s new book, ‘Cybersexism’ on Lenin’s Tomb

Richard Seymour has reviewed Laurie Penny’s latest book, Cybersexism on his Lenin’s Tomb blog this week. Both are Pluto authors and you can check out details of their books by clicking on the cover images below.

On Penny’s new book, Seymour writes:

It is a short, passionate epistolary tribute to the internet, to its many thriving life-worlds, to its heterotopic spaces, its libidinal intensities, its shy, its erotic fan fiction writers, its nerds and geeks and libertine communes.  The internet is real, the book insists.  It is not a game; it is not just words.  It is “a public space, a real space; it’s increasingly where we interact socially, do our work, organise our lives and engage with politics”.  “It’s where we live and work and fight and fuck and make friends.”

Read the rest of the review on Lenin’s Tomb.

Seymour T02680Penny T02518

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