‘Generation Palestine’ reviewed in Middle East Monitor

Generation Palestine: Voices from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (Pluto, 2013) has been reviewed in Middle East Monitor (MEMO) this week by Romona Wadi.

On Rich Wiles’ edited collection, Wadi writes that it is:

a comprehensive analysis of the origins, struggles and achievements of the movement, providing a defence of humanity which Israel and its allies so competently ignore. From insights into Palestinian civil disobedience as non-violent resistance, to the inspiration derived from the South African experience in fighting apartheid practices, the book imparts the essence of BDS in a manner which challenges conventional rhetoric with a consistent approach garnered through collective consciousness.

In her concluding paragraph she says:

The book stands as testimony of activist internationalist resurgence against imperial detachment from justice – a reminder that accountability and the process which leads to its execution lies within the movement, as governments remain in contempt of legislation unless its safeguards their own impunity. The success of the BDS movement lies in enacting the foundations through which illegality and impunity are legally challenged, within a system already in danger of becoming institutionalised unless language is reinvented into a mobilising tool for education, justice and a dismantling of sanctioned human rights violations.

You can read the full article in its original context by clicking here.

To find out more about the book, or for purchasing information, simply click the cover image. You can pick up a copy today for just £13 including free UK P&P.

WILES T02572

“The BDS movement is the most enlightened, imaginative, moral, fearless and dynamic blow for freedom I have known for many years. I believe it will be a vital factor in the liberation of Palestine. The inspiring voices in this book will help achieve that goal.”

John Pilger

“Reading this book, talking about it and acting upon its ideas is a further political act against an injustice that has lasted a lifetime. ”

John Berger

“Generation Palestine is essential reading for all who believe in changing this world for the better. Never again should we ask ‘What can we do?’ Rich Wiles’ excellent book, and the BDS movement, provide us with the answers.”

Stephane Hessel, diplomat, writer, concentration camp survivor, former French resistance fighter and editor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

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