David McKnight discusses Murdoch’s political agenda in Australia

David McKnight, author of Murdoch’s Politics: How One Man’s Thirst For Wealth and Power Shapes our World (Pluto, 2013) discussed the political influence of Rupert Murdoch in the build-up to the Australian general election earlier this week. In it he mentions his book, and one of its central themes – notably the intently political, rather than purely commercial, aspect of Murdoch’s personality, and how it informs his business practice.

Check out the video below. For information on how to buy your copy of Murdoch’s Politics for just £11.50 (free P&P), simply click on the cover image below.

McKnight cover

‘An anatomy and record of the reign of Murdoch which is brave and valuable. One day, when Murdoch is gone, it will help explain why so many obeyed him.’

The Guardian

‘A timely and hard-hitting account of the career of the world’s first and greatest global media baron, from one of Australia’s leading academics in the field of journalism studies. A former journalist himself, McKnight’s account of the Murdoch empire should be read by all who are interested in the relationship between media and political power in our time.’

Brian McNair, Professor of Journalism, Media & Communication at Queensland University of Technology, author of News and Journalism in the UK (2009)

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