How should socialists organise? Paul Le Blanc, Gilbert Achcar discuss Leninism, left unity, revolutionary parties

Paul Le Blanc, editor of Lenin: Revolution, Democracy, Socialism and Trotsky: Writings in Exilewas part of a panel discussion on SwpTvUK. Alongside Gilbert Achcar, the panel took place at Marxism 2013, organised by the British Socialist Workers party. The questions presented include Leninism today and the crisis in the SWP.

Watch the video below or view it at its original source here.

To buy Le Blanc’s books on the subjects of Lenin, Luxemburg and Trotsky for just £13 each, simply click on the cover image below.

Trotsky T02424“Leon Trotsky stands as a shining beacon amid the revolutionary events of our epoch. Out of the vast ideological arsenal he produced, Trotsky always considered that his most important works were those from his years in exile, which remain essential reading for those seeking to bring about fundamental change today.  Kunal Chattopadhyay and Paul Le Blanc have done a great service in helping to make available, in a single volume, these texts to new generations of revolutionary activists.”

Esteban Volkow, Grandson of Leon Trotsky and President of the Board, Leon Trotsky House Museum, Coyoacan, Mexico

“This bracing book provides theoretical nourishment for our times, just as millions take to the streets worldwide demanding a just economic system. Leon Trotsky hit the world stage as President of the St. Petersburg Soviet in the 1905 Russian Revolution. … Trotsky continues to educate and inspire, his flame refuses to be extinguished.”

Suzi Weissman, Professor of Politics, Saint Mary’s College of California

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