Alastair Crooke on the Today programme

Pluto author and former EU mediator in the Middle East, Alastair Crooke, (Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution, 2009) was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday (July 22nd), alongside Sir Menzies Campbell, former leader of the Liberal Democrats.

They discussed the situation in Syria and the involvement of Hezbollah in providing military assistance to the Assad regime. Hezbollah are designated as as terrorist organisation in the US, but not in Europe – a matter which is up for debate again within the EU.

You can listen to the programme by clicking here. The discussion starts 2 hours 37 minutes into the programme.

Crooke cover

“Crooke’s mission in this erudite, and most readable, book is to reassure the White Folks in George Bush’s America (and elsewhere in the world) that Hamas, Hezbollah and the seemingly menacing Islamic governments in Iran and elsewhere are not the enemies of the West. His mission is to educate us about the history and philosophy of the Islamic world, and its various factions.” 

Seymour M. Hersh, the New Yorker magazine

“This book is required reading at a time when alternative perspectives on the causes of global terrorism and new Western diplomatic initiatives urgently need to replace the failed policies of the Bush administration-led ‘War on Global Terrorism'”

John Esposito, University Professor, Georgetown University

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