Communist Manifesto competition…the answers!

9780745328461Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of the The Communist Manifesto signed by David Harvey (who wrote a 30 page introduction to our edition), plus other Pluto goodies. The two lucky winners have been contacted. Keep an eye on the Pluto blog and sign up to our monthly newsletter for future competitions and special discounts.

The answers to the questions were:

QUESTION 1:  In which newspaper was The Communist Manifesto first serialised?  A: The Deutsche Londoner Zeitung.

QUESTION 2: An early translation of The Communist Manifesto referred to a ‘frightful hobgoblin’ – what was the hobgoblin doing? A: Haunting/stalking Europe

QUESTION 3: Name one of the ‘utopian socialists’ as described in The Communist Manifesto. A: Fourier / Owen / Saint-Simon

QUESTION 4: According to the manifesto, what is the only thing which proletarians of all countries have to lose? A: Their chains

QUESTION 5: Which British Prime Minister said the following about Marx’s Capital: “I only got as far as page two – that’s where the footnote is nearly a page long. I felt that two sentences of main text and a page of footnotes were too much”? A: Harold Wilson

To explore more titles in the Get Political series, click on the image below:


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