Communist Manifesto competition, FINAL ROUND!

9780745328461At the excellent Dangerous Ideas festival, we caught up with David Harvey, acclaimed scholar of Marx’s Capital and urban theory. He was kind enough to sign two copies of our lovely edition of The Communist Manifesto, which features a 30 page introduction by him.

We are posting 5 questions related to Marx, Engels and The Communist Manifesto. All you have to do is correctly answer each question and send your answers to: Please only email us once you have all the answers. The first two people to answer correctly will win a signed copy (plus some other Pluto goodies which we will throw in!).

We have already posted the first four questions:

QUESTION 1: In which newspaper was The Communist Manifesto first serialised?

QUESTION 2: An early translation of The Communist Manifesto referred to a ‘frightful hobgoblin’ – what was the hobgoblin doing?

QUESTION 3: Name one of the ‘utopian socialists’ as described in The Communist Manifesto.

QUESTION 4: According to the manifesto, what is the only thing which proletarians of all countries have to lose?

Here is the final question:

QUESTION 5: Which British Prime Minister said the following about Marx’s Capital: “I only got as far as page two – that’s where the footnote is nearly a page long. I felt that two sentences of main text and a page of footnotes were too much”?

To see more titles in the Get Political series, click on the image below:


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