Coming soon: ‘On Western Terrorism’, by Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek

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Noam Chomsky: There can be an intellectual and moral colonization as well as political and economic colonization. It has deep roots and there are many other examples of it. Take, say, the status of women. For centuries or millennia women accepted that the natural order was for them to be the property of their fathers and husbands, in the United States, it is only in the last several decades that it has been seriously challenged. For example, until 1975 women didn’t have a guaranteed legal right to serve in the juries in federal trials. If you had asked my grandmother, let’s say, whether she was oppressed, she would not have even understood the word! That was the role of women, to serve others, and it was internalized. The main achievement of hierarchy and oppression is to get the un-people to accept that it’s natural.

The above is an extract from On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare, a new set of previously unpublished discussions between Noam Chomsky and journalist Andre Vltchek, which will be published by Pluto in September.

The book is particularly relevant following the attacks in Woolwich and Boston, as it examines the record of state and imperial violence, and how this compares with the violence of officially defined ‘terrorism’.

Leading up to publication we will be running an exclusive pre-order offer, where you can buy copies of the book signed by Noam Chomsky with some other Pluto goodies thrown in as well. Watch this space for further details…

Watch out also for the documentary based on the book later this year.

PS – The draft cover below has divided opinion in the Pluto office! We are considering alternative designs. Let us know your opinion, leave a comment or email us at:

On Western Terrorism

From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare

Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek

A controversial and provocative new intervention from the world’s greatest dissident intellectual.

£12.99 only £11.50 on the Pluto site

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