McGettigan debates senior government advisor


Andrew McGettigan has responded to a critical review of his new book, The Great University Gamble (Pluto, 2013), by Nick Hillman, special advisor to David Willetts, the Minister for Universities & Science.

Writing for the WonkHE blog, Hillman’s review commends McGettigan’s approach at making the debate on higher education more accessible – clearly and engagingly explaining the complicated legal and financial issues – but questions the conclusions reached.

McGettigan leaves a thorough response to Hillman’s questions in the comments at the bottom and poses a few to his reviewer in return.

Check out the debate, and see what you think, here.

If you haven’t yet read the book, you can buy a copy from our website.

Andrew McGettigan has also been discussing the proliferation of ‘MOOCS’ – massive, open, online courses – and what they mean for the future of higher education, for the Guardian.

The Great University Gamble

Money, Markets and the Future of Higher Education

Andrew McGettigan

A critical and deeply informed survey of the brave new world of UK Higher Education emerging from government cuts and market-driven reforms.

“Andrew McGettigan is in my opinion by far the most knowledgeable person in the country on the government’s obscure and yet revolutionary programme of change for universities. He provides us with a full and independent view of the short, medium and longer-term implications of the government’s plans. This book is essential and deeply worrying reading.” – Simon Szreter, Professor of History and Public Policy, University of Cambridge

“Andrew McGettigan is one of the most respected and incisive commentators on higher education. There are no other texts at present that address the political economy of higher education and none that put all the pieces of the jigsaw together to reveal the picture with such clarity.” – John Holmwood, Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nottingham, co-founder of the Campaign for the Public University and editor of A Manifesto for the Public University (2011)

£16.99 only £15.00 on the Pluto site

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