The London Radical Bookfair – in Pictures

The London Radical Bookfair took place on Saturday. It was a wonderful inaugural event filled with booksellers, publishers and eager buyers; Redemption ales and delicious veggie food. The Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing was handed out on stage in the afternoon, drawing things to a close.

Pluto emerged much lighter in stock – especially in our three short-listed books. If you missed the event, don’t worry – it was a great success, so there’ll probably be another one next year! For those of you blighted by our instant gratification, YouTube generation culture, we’ve got some pictures that you can browse and immerse yourself in. Just close your eyes, imagine the smell of books, beer and (veggie) burgers…


Pluto books tastefully laid out on our stall


Pluto’s Marketing Manager does some  social media…


The three shortlisted books


Donny Gluckstein, author of A People’s History of the Second World War, shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Award.


This year featured a children’s book award as well – the bookfair caters for radicals of all ages and sizes…


Scene from the balcony


Our Marketing & Publicity Assistant and Managing Director converse with a customer


The Lone Wolf of Marketing


Eveline Lubbers, author of Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark, gives a packed out talk in a room behind the stage.


Eveline talks about the grey areas between state and corporate spying


A satisfied Pluto customer shows off his trendy new canvas bag (also available in black)


Candidates, organisers and judges at the prize giving


“To Thine Own Self Be True”


“If this was the anarchist bookfair, the beer would have sold out by 3pm, so come on everyone, drink up! No one wants to have to take it home…”


Nina Power announces the winner of the main prize

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