2013 London Palestine Film Festival May 3-15

Pal Film Fest Poster

The 2013 London Palestine Film Festival starts this week, bringing together work from Palestinian and international artists over 12 days of screenings. Many of the films will also be followed with discussions of the main themes and issues presented.

Marwan Darweish, author of Peacebuilding and Reconcilliation: Contemporary Themes and Challenges (Pluto, 2012), will be joining one such post-film panel on Saturday 4th May, focusing on the British media depictions of the first Intifada.

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Contemporary Themes and Challenges

Edited by Marwan Darweish and Carol Rank

Cutting-edge collection on global peacebuilding and reconciliation from members of the renowned UK Centre for Peace & Reconciliation Studies.

“Using case studies from countries like Canada, Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the authors share their experiences and articulate a range of issues which are central to conflict transformation and peace building. This is a useful resource for academics and civil society organisations.” – Dr. Deusdedit R.K Nkurunziza, Makerere University, Uganda

“Each chapter is fascinating, engaging with the detailed complexity and special features of conflict situations and attempts to build peace, and applying an extensive literature. In combination the chapters provide a valuable representative sample of responses to conflict, together with critical reflection on attempts at peacebuilding and reconciliation.” – Gordon Burt, Chair of the Conflict Research Society

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site

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