Pluto Artwork Competition – winners announced

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of our special Pluto Artwork Competition, which was set up to coincide with the release of Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler’s brilliant new book, It’s the Political Economy, Stupid (Pluto, 2013).

The submissions were on the theme of the current economic crisis, (see our previous post for the criteria and details). Pluto staff mulled long and hard over the many entries, and in the end picked four winners, each of whom will now receive a copy of Greg and Oliver’s new book.

Read on for each of the entrants’ submissions, or click the links below:

Lewis Bush | Ken Turner | Stevphen Shukaitis | Mac Dunlop

Lewis Bush


This was shot as part of a documentary project looking at the role of the past in the context of the Euro crisis. The ECB sign is so well known that you don’t need to show the whole thing, instead you can focus in on a detail like this tape, probably left behind by protesters, an apt metaphor for the desperate patching of the Euro system.

lewisbush02A photo-montage done the old fashioned way, two images printed separately in a darkroom, cut out and stuck by hand. The title is fairly self-evident in meaning, although there’s also a reference in it to John Galt’s cigarette’s in Atlas Shrugged, a book I’ve always found disturbingly compelling.


A digital montage, this is a bit more flippant than I usually like my work to be, but was borne of frustration at the painfully slow pace of unilateral decision making with its often unquantifiable amount of wasted time and words, something I’ve had the displeasure to experience both professionally and as a citizen-spectator.

More of Lewis’s work can be found on his website, at


Ken Turner

“Sickness in Humanity”

Ken Turner sickness

This painting (4×4 feet), acrylic on canvas, concerns the state of the world in all of its aspects, whether political, economic, artistic, philosophical, educational – everything.
I am also a performer of performance art in which I, with my colleague, approach the idea of perception and what it means to be perceptive about the world today, with all its calamities of thinking, and how thinking must be related to doing and making. That is, doing, making and saying, in that order.
As an artist I pay great attention to the philosophy of phenomenology: how we see the world and express our thoughts through action. In my case, through the art of painting and performance. I am writing a book at this moment on the story of an artist from the early ’50s to the present day. In this I describe my journey from Bond Street galleries to the protest movement of the ’60s  in the streets, parks, schools, communities and wherever I could meet the public head on. Today I am concentrating on performance as a means to explore how we think, and how education in the arts is sadly lacking; in particular, how perception is guided by power and not from the individual as an independent witness. For 12 years now I have struggled with a concept of linking art and philosophy in both an entertaining form and one in which the main thrust is on questioning our perception of the world.

for other paintings – |

Stevphen Shukaitis

Stevphen Shukaitis financial-crisis

 “The economy,” Stephen said, “is a nightmare from which from I’m tying to awake.” To resist, that is to create, is this waking – in the sense of waking from the nightmare of economics: of the accumulation of capital, power, the vast concentration of hierarchies and fields of power embodied through society – extended through colonization… to resist is to become conscious of them, to tear asunder the forms which replicate and sustain the nightmare of history from which I wish to awake – and to constitute new forms of social life. A social wealth which is beyond measure, or perhaps below it…


Mac Dunlop




MacD’s cartoons and writing have appeared in national and international magazines, (New Humanist, Parabola, Our Times, and Leonardo – the MIT Journal of Technology, among them).
Mac lives in Falmouth, where he also produces radio satire, and works on the arts project Caravanserai with his partner Annie Lovejoy.
The Cod Philosophy of MacD, his first collection of over 100 cartoons (from which these entries were selected), was published last year: “This collection comes flatpacked with no instructions and a whole heap of loose screws as it tries to assemble a made to measure world view that fits perfectly in the corner of your imagination.”
The Cod Philosophy can be ordered online here. To find out more about Mac’s work, visit

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid

The Global Financial Crisis in Art and Theory

Edited by Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler

Leading critical artists and theorists analyse the current crisis of capitalism.

“Confrontational, intellectual, and occasionally amusing group show, which squarely aligns itself with the Occupy movement.” – Village Voice (praise for the exhibition on which the book is based)

“In the wake of the capitalist crisis, very few cultural institutions have dared to address the horrors of greed that plague us in such a direct and haunting way. “ – Alexander Cavaluzzo, Hyperallergic

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site

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