Augusto Boal b. 16/03/1931

Augusto Boal, the renowned Brazilian theatre director, writer and politician, would have celebrated his 82nd birthday tomorrow. (He died on 2nd May 2009, aged 78.)

Boal was, among other accomplishments, author of the modern classic Theatre of the Oppressed (Pluto, 1979; 2000; 2008). The book explores theatre’s revolutionary potential, and shows how it can be used to empower people and promote real social change. It’s a brilliant treatise on the manner in which theatre has come to reflect ruling-class control, while demonstrating the revolutionary potential of transforming the spectator into the actor.

Arguably his most important work, Boal draws on his own experience in Latin America and illustrates his theory with practical examples.

John Arden described it as a book that ‘should be read by [everyone] who has any pretensions to political commitment’, and to date it has sold tens of thousands of copies, making it one of the most important theoretical contributions to modern theatre studies.

Why not celebrate this man’s extraordinary life and work by getting your copy of Theatre of the Oppressed today, for only £11.50 including free UK P&P.

Theatre of the Oppressed – New Edition

Augusto Boal

‘Should be read by everyone who has any pretensions to political commitment.’ John Arden

£12.99 only £11.50 on the Pluto site

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