Commonweal Lecture: Doing the Impossible – How 44 Ordinary People Reached Gaza Through the Sea Blockade

The Commonweal Lecture 2013 will feature Pluto author, Sharyn Lock (Gaza: Beneath the Bombs, 2010). The event, which takes place at the John Stanley Bell Lecture Theatre, University of Bradford, (6.30pm, Thursday 7 March) is a fantastic opportunity to hear Sharyn Lock telling her inspiring story.

The lecture forms part of the Routes to Peace festival.

In 2009, Sharyn felt such a strong sense of solidarity with the people of occupied Palestine that she was one of 44 people who joined together to sail a boat through Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza. The story of the group is explored in the book Freedom Sailors, which Noam Chomsky described as “a riveting account of one of the great moments of nonviolent resistance.” Sharyn describes it as “a triumph of hope and passion over all plausibility!”

Sharyn has kindly offered to give the second Commonweal Lecture on her experiences during this time, suggesting we don’t have to leave “heroism” to the imagination of Hollywood blockbusters and those, such as the people of Gaza, who have no choice.

Following the breaking of the blockade Sharyn was in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and blogged extensively. this blog was later turned into the book Gaza: Beneath the Bombs (Pluto, 2010).

For more event details, check out the Facebook page here.


Beneath the Bombs

Sharyn Lock with Sarah Irving. Afterword by Richard Falk

An eyewitness account of events in Gaza that brings home the horror of life in a war-zone, based on the author’s candid and dramatic blog.

“This is an honest, forthright account full of compassion and insight; it plunges the reader into Gaza as it suffers the Israeli onslaught. Whether you are familiar with the plight of Palestine and the work of international volunteers or looking for an introduction to the subject, Sharyn Lock has made an invaluable contribution.” – Jeremy Hardy

“Moving and understated … Sharyn Lock manages to humanise the inhuman … I will long remain grateful to Sharyn Lock!” – Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestine and Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University

£12.99 only £11.50 on the Pluto site

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