Pluto January Megasale Closes in 2 Days…

Pluto mega press2

It’s been almost 30 glorious days of ‘megasale madness’ – as coined by our childish, alliteration-loving marketing department. Now, as January draws to a close, so too does our ‘fifty-for-fifty’ sale.

Many of you have already taken advantage of the many bargains to be had. So many, in fact, that our January sales numbers are already 3x what they were last year – and just remember, unlike certain corporate monoliths (who for anonymity’s sake we’ll call ‘A. Mazon’) we pay our taxes… By buying from us you’ll also be directly supporting independent, radical publishing, which guarantees to put a warm, fuzzy feeling in the stomach…

There are now only 2 days left to buy many of our books at 50% off.

PLUTO NEWPsThe ‘fantastic 50′ includes guides to MarxFoucaultArendt and Marcuse, as well as our acclaimed series on Anthropology and International Political Economy. You can also pick up classic original writings by HollowayLuxemburg and Fanon. We have titles on offer in Middle East and Development studies, and a range of other subjects to boot.

To find out which books (we like to think optimistically) you’ll be taking away with you from our online shop,  you can browse the full list of titles by clicking on this excitable link: LET THE RIGHTEOUS SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA COMMENCE. Alternatively enter the discount code ‘PLUFIFTY‘ here. Feel free to share the discount link and/or code with anyone who might be interested – friends, family and other contacts.

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