Perryman’s Books for New Year Revolutions including ‘How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women’ in the Huffington Post

As we wrote in a post a few days ago, Mark Perryman’s blog ‘Philosophy Football’ included Lindsey German’s new book in his list of ‘books for New Year Revolutions’. As is now traditional, the HuffPo has syndicated the list – meaning that if you type the words ‘Huffington’ and ‘Lindsey German’ into Google you’ll likely get a delightful selection of search results taking you to this bonanza of free publicity…

As Perryman notes, ‘finding the time for a good read to provoke both thought and action is as good a New Year resolution as I can think of. And despite the mind-numbing dullness of the political mainstream in the margins there’s thankfully still plenty to savour.’ Of How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women he writes:

Lindsey German’s new book … takes a similarly long historical sweep to Hann, this time with a focus in particular on the political experience of, and resistance by, women to militarism and imperialism. This is a much neglected aspect of women’s lives and politics, by redressing the balance this book provides a pleasingly different, and necessary, read.

Lindsey’s book is out next month, launching our new Counterfire series. To find out more see the purchasing details below.

How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women

Lindsey German

“Lindsey German links two major forms of women’s involvement in war: as activists opposing conflict and as workers during it. Seen through the prism of women’s experience, German tells a fascinating and important story.” – Nina Power, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Roehampton University and the author of One-Dimensional Woman (2009)

£16 only £14.00 on the Pluto site

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