It’s the Political Economy, Stupid – Exhibition Launch at the Pori Art Museum

It's the Political Economy, Stupid

‘It’s the Political Economy, Stupid’ brings together a group of superlative artists who focus on the current crisis in a sustained and critical manner. Rather than acquiesce to our current calamity this exhibition asks if it is not time to push back against the disciplinary dictates of the capitalist logic and, as if by some artistic sorcery, launch a rescue of the very notion of the social itself…

‘It’s the Political Economy, Stupid’, launches at the Pori Art Museum in Finland on 1st February. The exhibition, curated by Oliver Ressler and Gregory Sholette, will run until 26th May 2013, and features the work of a number of participating artists including:

It's the Political Economy, StupidFilippo Berta (IT), Julia Christensen (US), Field Work (DK), Yevgeniy Fiks, Olga Kopenkina & Alexandra Lerman (US), Flo6x8 (ES), Melanie Gilligan (CA), Jan Peter Hammer (DE), Alicia Herrero (AR), Institute for Wishful Thinking (US), Sherry Millner & Ernie Larsen (US), Ólafur Ólafsson (IS) & Libia Castro (ES), Isa Rosenberger (AT), Dread Scott (US), Superflex (DK), Zanny Begg (AU) & Oliver Ressler (AT).

The exhibition will open a day early (Thursday, 31st January) at 11am for a media day, and the opening-proper will begin with Curator and Artist Talks on Friday 1st February at 12pm. Oliver Ressler and artists from flo6x8 group will be present. Admission for this is free.

For more information about the exhibition, either go to the Pori Art Museum website, or click here for a PDF containing further details. To find out more about the book, published this January by Pluto Press, click the purchasing information below.

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid

The Global Financial Crisis in Art and Theory

Edited by Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler

Leading critical artists and theorists analyse the current crisis of capitalism.

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site

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