Verso’s (non-Verso) Books of the Year

Verso dole out the festive cheer with a nice book listThe lovely people at Verso have taken the time this week to compile a list of their top books of 2012. It’s a compelling collection of stories and non-fiction from a range of independent publishers (all unified by the absence of the Verso imprint on the spine…)

It’s a wonderful ecumenical gesture that Pluto will doubtless have to steal in the new year (so watch out for our ‘Books of the Year, 2013’), but for now, we raise our glasses to our Versonian comrades in a toast of solidarity and thanks.

More than one Pluto book managed to make it onto the list, with Federico Campagna and Emanuele Campiglio’s What We Are Fighting For taking poll position. Seán McGovern, the list’s author, describes it as a ‘much needed series of manifestos for a new world, featuring such authors as Nina Power, Mark Fisher, David Graeber and Bifo.’

Scrolling down the page past Dickens, Mieville and Joyce, we alight at another Pluto book – Dave Arthur’s  Bert: The Life and Times of A.L. Lloyd. McGovern writes of Arthur’s work, ‘This is a wonderful detailed biography of Britain’s own Alan Lomax. If you went to the launch party you were treated to an evening of the unsung heroes of Britain’s folk scene.’

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