‘What We are Fighting For’ and ‘A People’s History of the Second World War’ elbow their way into Huffington Post top Christmas reading list

Here at Pluto we’re delighted to hear that two of our books have made it onto Mark Perryman’s ‘Christmas Books Gift List for Hopeful Materialists‘ at the Huff-po.

Perryman introduces his list with a suitable introductory gambit:

Christmas time, not much peace in large parts of the world, precious little goodwill for the 99% either. A time for turbo-driven commercialism to drive up retail’s footfall. Bah Humbug? Or if you prefer just put the Historical Materialism for the season and embrace the Hopeful Materialism of looking forward to what might be wrapped up and waiting under the tree for 25 December.

The quality of the list is really kicked up a notch by the fourth paragraph (BAM!) with Federico Campagna’s What We Are Fighting For (Pluto, 2012). Perryman writes: “Those who read the Guardian from the Left will love this one. An attempt to put on paper the various ideas and ideals that might turn the next decade into something more hopeful and less treacherous is the ambitious What We Are Fighting For. Edited by Federico Campagna and Emanuele Campaglio this is a manifesto-style book covering a diverse range of themes written by a variety of politically-committed authors.”

A romp through a further paragraph or two rewards the reader with yet another Plutonian delight: Donny Gluckstein’s masterful A People’s History of the Second World War (Pluto, 2012).

“2012 marked two important World War Two 70th Anniversaries, the battles of Stalingrad and El Alamein. In recent months David Cameron has announced plans in 2014 to mark the centenary of the commencement of World War One. Too often this ‘anniversaryism’ is entirely divorced from the politics and causes of the conflict…A deconstruction of much of the mythology of WW2, ranging from Indonesia and Vietnam to Yugoslavia and Greece, is provided by Donny Gluckstein’s splendidly dissenting A People’s History of the Second World War. Almost every theatre of this most global of conflicts is covered with examples chosen to illustrate how anti-fascism was too often used as a mask to enforce empire and prevent resistance movements becoming a focus for turning liberation from occupation into movements for independence and revolution.”

To read the rest of this list, check out the Huff-Po here. To purchase both Campagna and Gluckstein’s books, simply click on the cover images in this blog post to navigate to our web-shop.

Merrrrrry Christmas….

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