ResoluteReader reviews ‘The History of Democracy’

The ResoluteReader blog (‘One man’s odyssey through the world of books‘) has reviewed Brian Roper’s new book, The History of Democracy: A Marxist Interpretation (Pluto, 2012).

The History of DemocracyThe reviewer describes Roper’s book as ‘excellent’, with this concluding paragraph:

‘Brian S. Roper has produced a useful and interesting over-view of the history of an idea. It is one that will be useful as we try to understand the processes taking place around the world, particularly in the Arab Revolutions, as millions struggle against dictators, for democracy, freedom and social justice.’

The review provides a good overview of the themes and structure of Roper’s book, lauding a number of the points he makes, whilst retaining a healthy level of criticism, (for example, he suggests Roper’s focus is too narrow, leaving outside of his attentions pre-class or classless societies.)

A demonstrative paragraph from the review is reproduced below. For the whole thing, check out ResoluteReader:

It is easy to critique democracy. After all, democracy fails to deliver economic or political justice for the majority of those within society. But such criticisms are not necessarily revolutionary. The Marxist critique outlined by Roper is important because it points the way forward, to a society were [sic] democracy is based upon an entirely different method of organising society. Under capitalism he points out, democracy can never work properly because society is based on the fundamental antagonism between two classes, the exploitation of one by the other, true democracy can only flourish when this antagonism is destroyed.

To buy the book for only £17 including free UK P&P, click on the cover image or follow this link.

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