Nathan Lean interviewed by Muscat Daily

Nathan Lean has been interviewed by Muscat Daily this week, discussing his new book, The Islamophobia Industry (Pluto, 2012). The interviewer, Joseph Richard Preville, opens by describing the book:

In The Islamophobia Industry, Lean illuminates the shadowy underworld inhabited by bigots united against Muslims and Islam. It is a meticulous investigation of the disturbing global phenomenon of ‘Islamophobia’. His book will shape our understanding of this subject for a long time to come.

The interview covers a range of topics relating to the culture of Islamophobia in the West. Click here to see the full discussion on Muscat Daily.

For those of you who’ve been thinking about buying Nathan Lean’s award-winning book, why not take the leap now? For the next two weeks we’re offering a special Christmas discount on selected titles, including The Islamophobia Industry. For this limited period, you can pick up a copy for just £7.47, including free UK P&P.

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