Struck Out re-covered after campaigner’s victory

A lovely little bit of news from our author Dave Renton’s website: Amanda, a Unison rep, studying on the TUC diploma in Employment law at the College of North East London, can be seen here holding her own copy of Struck Out, which she has personalised by giving it the cover that its contents deserve. If we publish a second edition, How We Won seems like as good a title as any…

About the book

Every year, over a hundred thousand workers bring claims to an Employment Tribunal. The settling of disputes between employers and unions has been exchanged by many for individual litigation.

In Struck Out, barrister David Renton gives a practical and critical guide to the system. In doing so he punctures a number of media myths about the Tribunals. Far from bringing flimsy cases, two-thirds of claimants succeed at the hearing. And rather than paying lottery-size jackpots, average awards are just a few thousand pounds – scant consolation for a loss of employment and often serious psychological suffering. The book includes a critique of the present government’s proposals to reform the Tribunal system.

Employment Tribunals are often seen by workers as the last line of defence against unfairness in the workplace. Struck Out shows why we can’t rely on the current system to deliver fairness and why big changes are needed.

Buy the book now for only £17.50 from the Pluto website – Simply click here.

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