Noam Chomsky plugs ‘Weapon of the Strong’ on Facebook – hundreds ‘like’ and ‘share’…

It’s all been a bit doom-and-gloom-and-seething-with-anger recently, and with good cause when we consider what’s going on in Gaza right now. Still, a little levity can’t hurt, and in that vein, some good news for the radical publisher trying to earn its crust of bread: Noam Chomsky’s official Facebook page has posted an ad for the new Pluto book, Weapon of the StrongIn a similar surge to that beautiful September morning when Richard Seymour (of Lenin’s Tomb) plugged the new Campagna collection, What We Are Fighting Forhundreds of people have ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ the post already using Social Media…

We’re certainly hoping that amongst those clicking excitedly, some will continue to click as far as the ‘buy‘ button on our website, and order a copy of this brilliant book for only £13 including free UK P&P, ahem…

So why not follow the old maxim, ‘when in Rome, do like Noam’ and go out and buy a copy of Weapon of the Strong today. You won’t regret it.

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