News roundup

What a gloomy Monday afternoon… How about some book-related news to pass the time until bed?

Dave Arthur’s Bert: The Life and Times of A. L. Lloyd (Pluto, 2012) was recently shortlisted for the Katharine Briggs Award – an annual book prize from the Folklore Society (FLS) for which the ceremony took place last Wednesday. You can see our previous post about the organisation. Sadly, on the night Bert didn’t walk away with the big prize, however the lovely panel of judges did have this to say about the book: “An enjoyable read, this long-overdue first biography of a highly controversial figure is generous without being uncritical.”

Short but sweet.

Also now passed is the annual madness of the Historical (“Hysterical”) Materialism conference. HM took place at SOAS in London between Thursday and Sunday. Pluto brought along over 100 different books to the conference, to flog to academics, conference delegates and SOAS students who were roundly befuddled by finding their JCR turned into a radical bookfair.

Whilst we’ve not gone through the tally sheets yet with a fine tooth comb, it’s become clear that Brian Roper’s A History of Democracy and Federico Campagna’s What We Are Fighting For were the standout sellers, with the doggedly determined Gerrard Winstanley showing off that 17th Century Digger’s spirit, by coming in a close third.

That’s it from the world of radical publishing today. Stay tuned for more interviews, articles, videos, competitions and offers…


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