The Adventures of Melanie Pax – anti-militarist comic strip

Good afternoon, radicals and book-lovers…

Thought we’d give you something a little different today. Here at Pluto we’re not just passionate about books, but about all sorts of things. Lucky for us, those of us interested in politics and activism get to create lovely books during the day that we want to cosy up with at night. I just finished reading Donny Gluckstein’s A People’s History of the Second World War, which was ace. and I’ve now moved onto Nick Robins’ Corporation that Changed the World and Alice Rothchild’s Broken Promises, Broken Dreams. (Even better, I get to read them for free because I work here…)

But we also like to share free things with others too. I recently spent a couple of weeks toiling away on a comic strip for Stop the Arms Fair coalition – a campaigning group that is filled with amazing people doing wonders to try and shut down the arms trade and its biannual presence in London’s Excel Centre, (the DSEi arms fair.) We’ve now got hundreds of copies printed on nice recycled paper, thanks to the legends at Calverts Co-operative. But why not share it more widely, I thought? So here it is, a FREE comic strip that’s GUARANTEED to be the most ATTRACTIVE PROPAGANDA you’ve ever seen… and if you’re not immediately convinced of the merits of anti-militarism, why not check out Vijay Mehta’s book, The Economics of Killing as well…



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