The Islamic Utopia – Enthusiastic endorsement from the Angry Arab News Service

We’re very gratified to have seen another written thumbs up for Andrew Hammond’s new book, The Islamic Utopia: The Illusion of Reform in Saudi Arabia (Pluto, 2012). The most recent praise came from a brief post on the Angry Arab News Service blog. No need to embellish it here, so we’ll keep it brief and just copy the lovely words below. As usual, click on the picture for purchasing info…

I am a huge fan of Andrew Hammond, the Middle East correspondent for Reuters.  He is unique in his knowledge of the region: he is fluent in Arabic and  has an independent mind.  I have endorsed his new book, The Islamic Utopia: the Illusion of Reform in Saudi Arabia, and am thrilled that is out.  I strongly and enthusiastically recommend the book.  Andrew reported in the kingdom for years (as unhappy as Saudi princes have been with his work) and knows this subject intimately.  This book should be widely read: rare are the books on Saudi Arabia that are neither apologetic nor Islamophoebic [sic]. – As’ad AbuKhalil

The Islamic Utopia

The Illusion of Reform in Saudi Arabia

Andrew Hammond

Highly informed inside account of the prospects for democracy in Saudi Arabia which challenges the West’s alliance with the Saudi royal family.

“If there is anyone who can write knowledgeably and intelligently about Saudi Arabia, it is Andrew Hammond. His deep knowledge of politics and culture in the Middle East uniquely qualifies him to undertake this project. Hammond’s track record is independent and critical, and this book adds to our knowledge of a kingdom that is often shrouded with mystery and propaganda.” – As’ad AbuKhalil, Department of Politics, California State University Stanislaus, author of The Battle for Saudi Arabia

“Fascinating. Reconciles the demands of scholarly depth with keen personal insights into everyday life in Saudi Arabia.” – Larbi Sadiki, Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics, University of Exeter

£17.99 only £16.00 on the Pluto site

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