NYC Event: Bassam Haddad and Jadaliyya editors on the Uprising in Syria, Brecht Forum, 22 October 2012

The uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Asad in Syria, which began in March 2011, has polarised the U.S. left. Some denounce the rebels, whom they view as fighting to overthrow a regional bulwark against Western imperialism; others support the rebels in their struggle against a ruthless dictatorship, in line with the spirit of the Arab Spring. Some in the latter camp support U.S. or NATO intervention on the rebels’ behalf, while others do not.

In the context of this polarization, Bassam Haddad and Maya Mikdashi—both contributors to, an independent ezine produced by ASI (Arab Studies Institute)—will review some of the basic realities and contours of the Syrian case, including the structural causes of the uprising, the thorny issue of “sectarianism,” and the problem of Western interventionism. Chaired by Sinan Antoon. Co-sponsored by

Bassam Haddad is Director of the Middle East Studies Program and teaches in the Department of Public and International Affairs at George Mason University, and is Visiting Professor at Georgetown University. He is co-editor of The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings (Pluto, 2012), author of Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience ( 2012) and is Co-Founder/Editor of Jadaliyya Ezine.

Maya Mikdashi is a PhD candidate at Columbia University’s Department of Anthropology and Co-Director of the documentary film About Baghdad. Maya is currently Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow and Director of Graduate Studies at the NYU Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies. She is Co-Founder/Editor of Jadaliyya Ezine.

Sinan Antoon is a poet, novelist and translator. He is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Arab Studies Journal. He is an associate professor at the Gallatin School, New York University, and co-founder and co-editor of the cultural page of Jadaliyya.

This event is co-sponsored by Brecht Forum and Jadaliyya. Copies of Bassam’s new book, The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings, will be available for purchase at this event.

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Time/Date: 7:30pm, 22 October 2012
Location: The Brecht Forum
Address: 451 West Street (that’s the West Side Highway) between Bank & Bethune Streets, NYC 10014

(212) 242-4201

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